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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My First Blog

This is my first ever blog...hence the title...
I am pretty sure that this is one of the most narsisstic things that I have ever done...I am sure that few will read this...usually if I want people to know what I am thinking or how my day was I will tell them.

I am a happily married Mother of two (14 and 10) girls. I think that I am damn smart and devilishly witty which normaly gets me into trouble. I am a touch snobby and hate to be out of control.

My husband is the single most interesting person that I have ever met. He never fails to make me question him and make me giggle a little everyday. He can also figure out things easily that sometimes I can imagine how well this goes over. We have been married since 1990...and he still makes me blush...(he is one of the few people in the world who can)

I love inthe hot humid yuck that is florida and I miss my hometown of OHIO very much. I am from a fairly small town ( a village as Alessio, my friend, would remind me.) I miss everything about it and one day I will move back.

I have a lab named Pipa. She is my true companion. I love her. I love that she will lay at my feet when I am typing and that she sighs very heavy when she lays down. This makes me very happy.

My girls are the most amazing people i know. Our oldest is silly and good hearted and beautiful and needs to realize just how smart she actualy is (even though nine fingers do not equal seven). Our youngest is witty and logical and has amazing freakles and keeps her sister on her toes all the time with her fabulous views on the world. She is so beautiful with her gold spun hair. Talented and sincere...these girls of ours...

So I will "blog" (what a stupid word) later...